Partner Notification

Meet BASHH Partner Notification KPIs by reaching more partners and closing the loop

  • Partner notification at & away from clinic

    Notify partners during consultation, or send guidance to the patient on how to notify a partner in their own time away from the clinic.

  • Patient can remain anonymous

    Patients can choose to remain anonymous enabling clinics to reach more partners.

  • Easy to Use

    A simple and intuitive step by step process for patients, partners and clinics.

  • Eliminate manual work

    Save hours otherwise spent trawling through patient records, and manually notifying partners or following up with patients and clinics.

  • Centralised System

    Keep track of verified notifications by sourcing patient and partner attendance records from different clinics.

  • Accessible Statistics and KPI Data

    Easily access statistics on the number of partners notified and treated. Have your BASHH KPIs readily available for reporting.

Robust data security and information governance

Partner’s info destroyed right after notification is made

No personal patient information is kept

1. Partner Notification

  • Step 1:

    Select STI and partner(s) to be notified

  • Step 2:

    Fill in details and send notifications

  • Step 3:

    Provide basic patient demographics for statistics

Notify Partners: At the Clinic

Consultation with patient

Fill in partner details

SXT notifies partners

Notify Partners: Away from Clinic

Send the Patient partner self-notification guidance

Patient can complete partner notification away from the clinic

SXT notifies partners

2. Partner Verification

  • Step 1:

    Partner arrives with a code. Clinic enters it into the system to view STI details and confirms attendance

  • Step 2:

    The system records that the partner has attended the clinic and it will be reflected in the patient's clinic account

  • Step 3:

    Originating clinic can see statistics and PN KPI

Verify Partners: At the Clinic

Consultation with patient

Verify partner’s attendance

Data transformed into KPIs

1Patients you expect to diagnose with STIs annually in your clinic

£2Per year

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