About SXT

Our mission is to improve access to sexual & reproductive health care services and reduce the spread of STIs.

SXT is a Community Interest Company, founded in 2009 by Dr Anatole Menon-Johansson, a clinical lead for sexual health at Guy's and St Thomas. It started with a simple idea to create a digital service to signpost patients to their nearest, most appropriate healthcare provider.

As a result of continuous support for innovation from our partners, we have since expanded our services to include: Emergency Contraception Calculator, Partner Notification Service and Appointment Scheduling.

Our Services

Our services are designed to help healthcare providers and patients alike.

Sexual Health Clinic Signposting

SXT’s website helps patients find sexual health clinics that provide relevant health services to them. We ask patients to answer sexual health related questions, then signpost them to suitable services available online or in their local area.

Emergency Contraception Calculator

This digital tool helps women to identify their pregnancy risk, understand their options and find a local emergency contraception service provider. It is an extension of our main signposting service.

Partner Notification Service

This service enables patients diagnosed with an STI to notify their sexual partners anonymously. It allows the partner to find their nearest clinic and get tested, and helps clinics to meet their partner notification KPIs.

Appointment Scheduling

This SXT service allows clinics to enter their available services and appointment slots and the platform then lets patients to find suitable appointments as well as easily book, reschedule or cancel.

Meet the team behind SXT

SXT is run and supported by a team of talented people from various backgrounds. They all strive to complete our mission of improving access to sexual health services.

Dr Anatole S Menon-Johansson

Founder and Director of SXT

Dr Menon-Johansson is a founder of SXT. Working as the clinical lead for sexual health at Guy's and St Thomas' and the clinical director for the young person's charity Brook, he sees first hand the challenges faced by the patients and sexual health providers.

While completing his Masters at the Harvard School of Public Health, he got inspired to take action and to improve access to sexual health services - that is how the idea for SXT was born.

Matthew Ford

Consulting CTO

Laura Paplauskaite

Digital Service Strategist

Magdalena Kuenkel

Data Analytics Consultant

Dr Dominic Edwardes

Advisor on HIV & Information Standards

Dr Brady Michael

Advisor on Sexual Health and HIV

Archie Chappel

Advisor on Fundraising

Our supporters

SXT is supported by a number of high profile organisations across the UK, including Public Health England and the NHS.

Get in touch

Email: enquiries@sxt.org.uk

Call: 0333 800 7808

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SXT Health Community Interest Company (CIC) is a social enterprise.

SXT Health CIC is registered with Companies House (07130130) and operates under the rules set out by the Community Interest Company regulator bis.gov.uk/cicregulator

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