About SXT

SXT Health Community Interest Company (CIC) is a social enterprise whose mission is to facilitate access to sexual & reproductive health care services and reduce the spread of STIs. SXT has built a service for both sexual health service providers and patients to support community provision and to champion high quality care.

Using a database managed by sexual health service providers, SXT delivers time, place and service specific information online. The goal of SXT is to help reduce the burden of sexually transmitted infections and unwanted pregnancies by matching health service provider capacity with patient demand.

Our partner notification tool, also known as Interactive Digital Contact Slip enables patients diagnosed with an STI to anonymously notify their partners at the clinic or in their own time via email or SMS. It then, helps the partners find their nearest clinic and get tested.

SXT Health CIC is registered with Companies House (07130130) and operates under the rules set out by the Community Interest Company regulator ( http://www.bis.gov.uk/cicregulator ).

The business address for SXT Health CIC is: Suite 106, 88 Lower Marsh, London, SE1 7AB

If you have any questions please write to enquiries@sxt.org.uk or call 0333 800 7808

For sexual health service providers:

Registered providers get admin access to their profile page, which ensures that the full range of the services, opening times and the contact information is kept up-to-date and accurate. The analytics pages show providers how many clients were signposted as well as feedback left by patients about their service. The SXT service makes providers more accessible and therefore brings them more patients. To learn more, please visit Provider page.

If you are interested in our partner notification service, please visit Partner Notification page.

For patients:

SXT helps patients find the right type of service at a convenient time near them. The service is run by professionals and has a database of more than 2500 clinics across the UK. An optional feedback request allows patients to rate the quality of service received. All data is confidential and the privacy of SXT users is maintained at all times.